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Dagenham and the River Beam

Dagenham was founded at the upper limits of the River Beam.  Dagenham sprawled out from these early Saxon developments, which were also one of the earliest in Essex. 

The River Beam gets its name from a beam bridge which used to cross the River Rom at the top of Beam Valley.  The River Rom, therefore, became known as the River Beam, from this point as it flowed downstream.  The bridge was first mentioned in 1299. 

The site was used for wide scale agricultural purposes throughout history and resulted in the construction of a windmill next to the river.  Sadly, the windmill is no longer standing today and is now the site of Mill House Social Club.  The windmill is incorporated into the badge of local primary school, Leys, as a reminder of the history associated with the area. 

Meeting Point

The Meeting Point for all events is on the bridge by the entrance off Oval Road North unless otherwise stated. See Map.

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