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Wildflower Meadow

In the Spring and Summer months this area is full of colour from our wildflowers.  Some of the flowers you are likely to see include:-

Cornflowers – Centaurea cyanus


  • Annual flowering plant
  • Other names include Bachelor’s button, cyani flower and hurtsickle
  • Grows 40-80 cm tall
  • Used to grow in crop fields as a weed
  • Flowers June-August

Corn Poppy – Papaver rhoeas

Corn Poppy

  • Also known as corn rose
  • Tall upright plant
  • Grows 20-60cm
  • Flowers May-October
  • Is thought to be the first flowers to grow in Flanders field after WW1

Corn Chamomile – Anthemis arvensis

Corn Chamomile

  • Very common throughtout Britain
  • Leaves are broad and segmented
  • Often found growing in close proximity to dandelions
  • 15-60cm
  • Flowers July-September

Corn Cockle – Agrostemma githago

Corn Cockle

  • Pink-Purple flower
  • Found Solitary
  • Grows between 30-90cm
  • Flowers June – August

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