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Grass Snake – Natrix natrix

Grass Snake - Natrix natrix

By Lukas Jonaitis

  • Britain’s largest snake species
  • Grow up to 150cm in length
  • Found widespread throughout England and Wales
  • Often found close to water, where they hunt for amphibians and fish
  • Olive green/brown in colour with a easily identifiable yellow collar
  • Circular pupil

Common Lizard – Zootoca vivipara

Common Lizard - Zootoca vivipara

By Thomas Brown

  • Also known as viviparous lizards, meaning they give birth to live young
  • Found commonly troughout the UK
  • Grow up to 15cm in length, including their tail
  • Brown/grey in colour with a relatively small head
  • Spotty or stripey patterning on the body
  • Young are almost completely black when first born
  • Can shed their tails if under threat from predators known as Autotomy; store body fat in their tails so autotomy can be fatal late in season
  • Melanistic black individuals have been found in the UK. Albino examples are very rare

Slow Worm – Anguis fragilis

Slow Worm - Anguis fragilis

By Thomas Brown

  • Britain’s only limbless lizard
  • Often mis-identified as a snake rather than a lizard as they have no limbs
  • Grow up to 50cm in length
  • Brown/grey in colour with little definition between head and body
  • Visible eyelids
  • Adults have a shiny or irridescent appearence, often with a blue colouration.
  • Have a preference for dense vegetation with penetrating sunlight ideal for basking
  • Shed tails if seized by predator

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