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Great Crested Newt – Triturus cristatus

  • Britain’s largest newt species
  • Highly protected by law and is a European Protected Species
  • Males develop a large ragged edge looking crest and tail stripe in spring breeding season
  • Characterised by dark warty skin and orange/yellow underside speckled with black blotches

Common Frog – Rana temporaria

Common Frog - Rana temporaria

By Monika Betley

  • Most commonly encountered amphibian
  • Emerge from hibernation February/March and breed almost immediately
  • Characterised green/brown in colour with dark bands on the hind limbs

Common Toad – Bufo bufo

Common Toad - Bufo bufo

By Korall

  • More tolerant in dry conditions than frogs and newts
  • Can be found far from water outside of the spring breeding season, which is typically in March
  • Have a warty/bumpy skin which is green/brown in colour

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