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Freshwater Minibeasts

  • The following are all types of freshwater minibeasts that you may find at Beam Parklands:-

Greater Water Boatman

  • 15-16mm long
  • Very common
  • Powerful swimmers, swim on their backs
  • Can cause painful bites
  • Are carnivores – suck the body fluids out of other freshwater invertebrates

Water Scorpion

  • 20mm long
  • Very common on muddy or clay bottomed water
  • Poor swimmers, have been known to drown if they cannot get to the surface to breathe

Caddis fly larvae

  • Larvae and pupae live in the water, adults are terrestrial
  • Larvae camouflage by spinning a case and covering it in sand, sticks and vegetation

Pond skater

  • 14-17mm long
  • Common on the surface of ponds and streams
  • like the water boatman these are carnivorous

Dragonfly & Damself fly larvae and nymphs

  • Larvae and nymphs are aquatic
  • Nymphs scale vegetation to metamorphose into adults
  • Adults often have to dry out before they are strong enough to fly

Common Toad Tadpoles

  • Tadpoles are 3cm in length
  • Eggs are laid in spring
  • Toads lay eggs in strings

Common Frog Tadpoles

  • Frog tadpoles are 4.5cm in length
  • Eggs are laid in March-April
  • Laid in mass
  • Breed in smaller ponds and ditches than toads

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