Beam Parklands

Dagenham, Essex, RM10 9EH

Tel: 0208 227 2332


Mallard duck – Anas platyrhynchos

  • UK’s most common duck
  • Have orange legs and webbed feet
  • Males have a bright green head and yellow bill
  • Females brown and speckled in colour with orange bill
  • Found in all wetland habitats

 Coot – Fulica atra

  • Fairly small birds
  • Jet black feathers with a bright white face and bill
  • Have long legs for their size
  • Nest in thick plants at the side of water
  • Found on large water bodies, lakes, rivers and reservoirs

 Moorhen – Gallinula Chloropus

  • Small birds, smaller than a coot
  • Brown, black feathers with white feather on the bottom
  • Red face with a yellow tip on beak
  • Long yellow legs, feet not webbed
  • Move quickly on land; when they swim  they make a jerking movement with their tail
  • Found in all wetland habitats

Grey Heron – Ardea cinerea

  • Very tall and stands like a statue
  • Long sharp yellow bill
  • Grey feathers with a white neck.
  • Fly with their neck held back
  • Found on lakes, rivers, canals, ponds and reservoirs all year round and hunt in shallow water

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The Meeting Point for all events is on the bridge by the entrance off Oval Road North unless otherwise stated. See Map.

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